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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


We provide marketing of client’s products and services using latest digital technology which are quite effective in increasing reach of client’s products in an effective way. We market digitally in various ways like SEO, SMO, pay per click and e-mail marketing etc.

Search Engine optimization (SEO):
SEO increases the visibility of the webpage or website of the company in different search engines in a formal and natural way. Whether to increase the reach of a particular page or entire website depends upon the requirement of the customer. In doing this, SEO takes into consideration various algorithms which are computer programmed, various types of keywords which people or potential customers are more likely to search. The word optimization includes editing a website content putting in required keywords to that search engine immediately can display what people has asked for. It also includes doing HTML or any associated coding to make page look more visible in various search engines and helps in removing obstacles to indexing activity of the search engine.

Social Media Marketing:
Social Media Marketing is use of various social media to promote the client’s product or services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, We chat etc. In most of the social media platforms, with the help of various data – analytic tools we analyse the success of or reach of ad campaigns done for promotion of the product. Target audience generally includes current or potential customers, employees, general public, bloggers or some journalists which write in the desired field. Through social media sites, customers can interact directly with businesses. It is very effective as compared to traditional methods of marketing as internet reach is up to a billion across the globe. Businesses find big communities or forums where users can share their reviews and provide recommendation of brands, product or services. Social media marketing is the most cost – effective marketing. In this marketing, continuous updation of products profile is required in which we are expert at.

Pay Per Click:
Pay Per click (PPC) is a form of digital marketing which mainly focuses on increasing the traffic on the website desired. Choice of keywords is very important in PPC. In PPC, Our company makes various AD campaigns to give the knowledge about what type of product client’s company manufactures, Why is the product beneficial or better than the others ?, What kind of options like discounts a particular company is giving. Our company make people desirous of that type of product to attract to the AD, by continuously refreshing the AD so that customers make their mind about approaching the company through e- mail, phone etc. Advertisers pay for each single click to the search engine where the AD is listed. Our company is best in providing PPC services.

E-mail Marketing:
We provide e-mail market services to give a personal touch to our current or future esteemed clients. E-Mail marketing includes using e-mail route to send business request, advertisements about products etc. to all potential or current customers. It builds trust, loyalty and brand awareness. E- Mail marketing is a great tool to enhance the relationship with current or previous customers, to get repeat business and convince customers to buy something immediately. It provides a good platform to send bulk mails, giving an option to design and develop a particular mail regarding a particular products promotion.

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PolarCrowd outperforms in its every endeavor with its skill-based team and the robust website design and development services that it extends to clients for making them a brand name. We provide innovative and unmatched online business solutions for making your online presence better. Our Company believes in working collaboratively with the business houses and understanding their every need. We have a team of experts who carry expertise in traditional and Cloud-based applications. We are also into the core product development and Quality Assurance & Testing of web applications. PolarCrowd provides excellent and complete Digital Marketing Services that will help in turning the visitors into long-term customers. We use latest web technologies like HTML5, JQuery, CSS3, Big Data, MarTech, Fintech and responsive frameworks like Bootstrap for designing seamless websites.

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