Benefits of Various Browsers

Now day’s browsers play a vital role while accessing internet because of their speed as well as Add-ons feature. Also browsers are first and initial that provides a path to look and interact with all the information on the World Wide Web.


Internet Explorer:
Internet Explorer is the first graphical web browser from Microsoft and came into market in early 90’s. The most important thing regarding IE is that from very long time it comes inbuilt in windows. It is very simple for the users to connect to the internet at very first stage and saves a lot of time. The interface of internet explorer is very simple and easy. It has good tab management system as compared to other browsers, now latest version of IE11 is running. IE11 brings more privacy and security, it includes some benefits like:
– Quick startup
– Flexible search option
– Address bar with complete auto
– Simple design
Mozilla Firefox:
Mozilla Firefox is the second most popular browser was started in 2002. On the basis of security, it is more secure and customized as compared to others. It gives the option to block the pop-ups to avoid any further interruption during working time. Latest version is Firefox Quantum engine is available in the marketing; it is safer and fast.
– More customized with themes and extensions
– Having faster java script engine
– High level of security
– Cross platform versions for  Mac and Linux
– Better performance
– Good interface
Google Chrome:

Browser with web kit layout engine came into market in 2008. In Google chrome they use V8 as their JavaScript implementation, which actually compiles it to native machine code, so it doesn’t need to be actively interpreted which makes browser fast as compared to others.
– More Add-ons facility
– Faster browser speed
– Easily add extensions
– Own task manager
– Availability of text zoom
– Used in Mac, Linux, Windows
– Simple to use
Safari browser brought to the market by Apple in 2003 and for Microsoft windows in 2007. Safari was the first browser to support HTML5 audio and video and CSS3 animations. Safari 5.1.7 powered by Nitro JavaScript engine.
– Easy to operate
– Text area is resizable
– Very good for Mac
– With Zoom in & out option
Now days Opera is one of the fastest browser and came into market in 1996. The unique thing in opera is that we can zoom the whole page instead of only text size. Mostly it is used in mobile phones. Latest Opera 60.0.3255.70 is faster.
– Fast browsing
– With more customized skins
– More Efficiency
– Having mouse gestures
– High security
Browsers usage data as per 2011:
Internet Explorer: 24.9%
Mozilla Firefox: 42.4%
Google Chrome: 25.9%
Safari: 4.0%
Opera:  2.4%